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You know that the World Cup must be around the corner when a number of football-related movies hit the theatres. No less than four are in the pipeline in South Korea, giving fans who find three games a day broadcast from South Africa not quite enough a chance to satisfy their football cravings.


The two most high-profile of the quartet are already out and these are ‘Dreams Come True’ and ‘The Second Coming: The Moken Tribe’s World Cup’.


‘Dreams Come True’ is a movie in which 2000 hit Joint Security Area (JSA) meets the 2002 World Cup. It follows how soldiers from both sides of the Togel Singapore De-Militarised Zone, that divides the peninsula, attempt to get together and watch South Korea’s famous run to the semi-finals eight years ago.


“There are many great movies about football, “director Kye Yoon-shik when I asked him why he made the film. “’Dreams come True’ is a movie that deals with the Inter-Korean relations through the prism of football and that makes us question what the problem between South and North Korea truly is.”




With North and South Korea both heading to the World Cup for the first time ever, there couldn’t be a better time to release the film – and at least that was how it looked until recently.


“It is not good timing to be releasing the movie due to the current tensions between the North and the South right now,” admitted Kye and added, “but in 2009 when I started making this movie, we were planning to release it before the 2010. I had no choice but to follow the schedule for the movie distribution.”


The film’s message is not hard to guess and it is a positive one.…

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Film fans of a certain age will always see the three Star Wars movies made in the seventies and eighties as the definitive trilogy and not the one which kicked off in 1999 with ‘The Phantom Menace.’ There can be little debate about that.


Not so about South Korean star Lee Chun-soo who has been more of a phantom than a menace over the past year. No other player that originates from the Land of the Morning Calm provokes such debate and divides opinions.


Over the past few years his career recalls the Situs Judi Qq Online Terpercaya words of a certain Jedi Master Yoda who said upon meeting Luke Skywalker: “This one a long time have I watched. All his life has he looked away… to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was. What he was doing.”


Lee always seems to know where he would like to play in the future but is often less sure about the place where he plies his trade at any given moment. Around 18 months ago, the 2002 and 2006 World Cup star told his K-League club Ulsan Hyundai Horang-I that unless they helped him move to Europe, he would go on strike. The attacker soon got his wish and the only strikes on his mind were those that came from boots left and right.


Joining former European Champions Feyenoord on the last day of the summer 2007 transfer window seemed to be exactly the move Lee wanted –almost. Talking to the Korean version of 442 before his departure, he announced that he wanted to use Feyenoord as a stepping stone to England.


Within a couple of months, he was back home in South Korea, homesick and disillusioned with life in …




Busan boss Hwang Sun-hong

It had to happen sooner or later. It was only a matter of time before one of the 2002 World Cup heroes took the reins of a K-League team. It is perhaps fitting that the man who scored the first goal in South Korea’s unforgettable run to the semi-finals of the world’s biggest sporting event is the first one to try his luck in the domestic league.


Perhaps it is also fitting that the goal, which came against Dominoqq Poland in front of 55,000 delirious fans, was scored at Busan’s Asiad World Cup Stadium. For it is in that same cavernous arena where Hwang will start his coaching career with local team Busan I’Park. The 39 year-old has a tough challenge ahead.


Large attendances are a rarity at the stadium these days as the club has struggled in recent years. Four-time champions Busan may be but the latest came in 1997 and the top has been slipping increasingly out of sight. 2007 saw the south coast team finish next to bottom. It is a long way back to the summit but Hwang, who played over 100 international appearances in a career that spanned 14 years, was the top scorer in Japan’s league in 1999 and played 18 months under Guus Hiddink, has a background that at least provides a well-placed base camp.


On a snowy Seoul morning, I took the bullet train to the meet Hwang at Busan’s clubouse in the north of the sprawling south coast city.


You had a successful time in Japan. What did you learn from the J-League?


Korean and Japan are rivals but their football styles have many differences. In the J-League, I remember feeling it was more technical and nice to watch.


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UEFA U21 Championship Group B:


2045 Viborg

“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards'”

– Soren Kierkegaard, 1813-1855


No one wore his heart on his sleeve quite like he did as a player.

Some said he embodied ‘England’ more than anyone since Bobby Moore.

Before a UEFA cup tie with Nottingham Togel Hongkong Forest, in the ‘going over the top’ military speak which English manhood has always drawn on, Stuart Pearce told his troops, who included the Dutch maestro Bryan Roy and the elegant Norwegian playmaker Lars Bohinen,


“Your hearts are bigger than theirs – that’s why you were born English!”

Blond locks and a bulldog spirit, rippling muscles and at the base of a tree-trunk leg a cannon of a left foot which billowed many a net and sent several right-wingers to casualty.


Pearce of England, or should that be Ing-ger-lund.

When the beleaguered Graham Taylor needed a boost, he recalled the out-of-form left-back and made him England captain, demoting his former star pupil David Platt in confident hope that the Wealdstone-born defender’s warrior cult would inspire his struggling team; Pearce would not have been out of place in Beowulf.

He skippered his country but fell short of honours, reaching nothing beyond the European Championship and World Cup semi-finals. But physical retirement only meant a transfer of ambition to the other side of the touchline.

There the similarity with his success as a player began to wane, as it has with so many great footballers. A brief spell with a disintegrating Forest led to an assistant managership spell at Manchester City alongside another English lionheart Kevin Keegan.

Pearce assumed Keegan’s role eventually but City performed without flair or success and he was fired in 2007. …

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 is an exciting new project, which is giving footballers a second chance for Alternatif Bola88.


It is a football consultancy service that has been set up for players who want, and believe that they can become professional and semi-professional footballers.


FTF could be your answer if you want that contract, but this adventure is not just in England, there are opportunities further afield.


It has been set-up by Simon Dent, a practicing FIFA Football Agent, who says: “Everybody deserves a second chance. We don’t promise that everyone will get a contract, but they [the players] will have a platform to show what they can do.”


Simon and his team will use their contacts to give talented and skillful youngsters the opportunity to showcase their ability.


With many youngsters getting released, Dent admitted: “These young lads find themselves without a club, and don’t know who to contact.


“We will be able to point them in the right direction and be able to use our contacts to help get them in front of the right people.”


Whilst they would like to be able to guarantee professional contracts, this is not possible, but FTF will enable their clients to show their ability in front of professional coaches and scouts.




There are three different elements to the project, firstly a ‘CV distribution service’, which will also include help creating the right one that will get them noticed.


Then there is the ‘Professional football consultants’, which will see the organization arrange trial games every two months against a semi-professional side, where there will be numerous scouts in attendance.


The third and possibly most interesting is the ‘Portal for clubs abroad’, this is where teams from different clubs across …

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The Stockholm-based Tain business-to-business online gambling provider extended its product offering this week following an agreement with software developer Playtech which will see that company’s online casino offering included in the Tain portfolio.


Tain offers a wide range of software and infrastructure services to small and medium sized togel hongkonggaming operators and for the past five years has provided its licensees with access to Playtech’s iPoker network.


The new agreement significantly expands this arrangement through the provision of Playtech’s online casino product, encompassing a games library that includes slots, table and card games, video poker and a wide range of branded content. Tain’s licensees will also have access to a full range of management tools via Playtech’s unified administration system, the IMS.


A Playtech spokesman said that the deal opens up a wider range of operators to the Playtech offering, pointing out that by making its online casino product available through Tain’s cost-effective platform, smaller operators who might otherwise not have the opportunity to access this technology or content would now be able to do so.


Tain chief executive Christer Fahlstedt said: ‘This deal further strengthens our cooperation with Playtech, which is approaching its fifth anniversary. The ability to offer Playtech’s excellent content greatly strengthens our offering and is an important step in our commitment to supply small and medium sized operators with the very best products available.’


Mor Weizer, CEO at Playtech, noted: “We….look forward to welcoming their operators onto the casino platform, having had considerable experience with the iPoker product for a number of years. This is made possible through Playtech’s cross-platform infrastructure which gives operators the ability to integrate a number of different products from our portfolio.


Despite the mitigating factors, including Abeysuriya returning to Australia under his …

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Klopp bantah spekulasi City & Barcelona : Saya tidak mengambil cuti panjang- Jurgen Klopp telah menempatkan Manchester City dan Barcelona pada siaga merah dengan mengkonfirmasi bahwa ia ingin langsung masuk ke pekerjaan lain ketika dia bagian perusahaan dengan Borussia Dortmund musim panas ini.

Klub Bundesliga dikonfirmasi pada Rabu bahwa mereka telah setuju untuk terminasi dini kontrak yang sangat-dinilai pelatih, yang telah diatur untuk berjalan sampai Juni 2018.


Perkembangan dramatis segera memicu spekulasi Klopp dengan Manchester City, yang dilaporkan sedang mempertimbangkan pemecatan bos Manuel Pellegrini.


Selain itu, Barca Josep Maria Bartomeu supremo dan penantang presiden diharapkan Joan Laporta dan Agusti Benedito sudah terdengar 47 tahun Jerman tahu tentang berpotensi menggantikan Luis Enrique di kemudi klub Catalan di akhir musim.


Klopp, yang memimpin BVB meraih gelar Bundesliga pada 2011 dan domestik ganda pada tahun berikutnya, kini telah menambahkan bensin ke api dengan mengakui bahwa ia tidak berniat mengambil istirahat dari permainan, sementara pada saat yang sama bersikeras bahwa ia memiliki belum menerima tawaran konkret dari luar negeri.


“Bukan karena aku lelah,” katanya. “Saya tidak punya kontak apapun bentuk klub lain di Inggris atau di mana pun. Tapi aku tidak berniat untuk memiliki cuti panjang.


“Hanya saja penting bahwa kami mengumumkan hari ini sehingga setiap orang dapat menyesuaikan diri dan klub dapat merencanakan.


“Saya percaya bahwa Borussia Dortmund benar-benar membutuhkan perubahan. Masalah utama tentu bahwa selama aku di sini, kami selalu mempertimbangkan keberhasilan masa lalu.


“Saya yakin bahwa ini benar-benar Togel Singapore keputusan yang tepat. Tim ini layak untuk memiliki pelatih 100 persen di touchline.”


Klopp juga rendah hati mengecilkan perannya dalam membangkitkan BVB, yang ia memimpin ke final Liga Champions pada 2013, hanya delapan tahun setelah mereka ditinggalkan di ambang kebangkrutan.


“Tidak ada yang harus berterima kasih kepada saya,” tambahnya. “Ini …

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Casino gambling news update – In August the newest USA casino opened their virtual doors. The Casino does not have a US live dealer casino but they are far better than BetOnline if you want to play regular casino games.

casino at …