Sickest run of cards ever –

April 12, 2021



Today was the Ohio State vs Michigan game, and if you dont’ know about this rivalry it is the biggest game of the season for both teams. Ohio State took an early lead but fell behind in the 4th quarter and in the last 4 minutes composed an 88 yard drive to win the game @ Michigan, talk about exciting, and talk about craziness on Ohio State’s campus. Needless to say my roommates and I were drinking since the beginning of the game and I decided it was a good idea to play some online poker… .


I let my roommates Max and Adam play .50/1 limit on my pokerstars account while I played Max’s Ultimate Bet account in .25/.50 limit. My first hand at the table was 10-10 and I raised and got 3 callers. The flop came out 10-A-J and I bet out, and all three called. The turn brought another J and the turn was 3-bet! I’m screaming to get my roomates to watch this while the river bring a Q. The board reads 10-J-A-J-Q and it 3 bets again. I lost the hand to quad Js, and I was also against AA! Imagine my surprise when my next hand dealt was JJ.


This went on for 15 hands in a row. No card below a 10 was ever on the board or in my hand. Every flop I hit huge, two pair, straight, full house, I even hit quads 4 times in the 10 minutes I was playing at the 6-handed table. The whole while I was screaming and everytime I hit a big hand I couldn’t believe it. No one in my room could believe what was going on. Ben was watching me play and commented, “There is no way you could believe this unless you saw it happen.” Needless to say, every hand shown at show down was made of broadway cards, and so was the board –


Just when I was about to email support and ask if they had been hacked I look at the name of the table I was playing at. It was called “Chillapota – .25/.50 – Royal Holdem.” Ahahah, suddenly it all made sense. I was practically playing texas holdem with a Euchre deck in one of Ultimate Bet’s new “Royal Holdem” tables, where only cards 10+ are in the deck! Regardless of my obliviousness I managed to make $8.25, haha, and Max and Adam made me $25 on my account two-tabling $.50/$1 with my own money.


So, in conclusion, whoever said playing poker while/after drinking was a bad idea obviously has never played Royal Holdem. Check out the new game in the Limit Holdem section of Ultimate Bet.