Its All In the Pot so don’t get Blinded by the Antes ||

April 8, 2021



Poker players may be familiar with the concept of an Ante, the minimum amount required as a bet to start to play a hand. In Texas Hold ‘em Antes are not a common occurrence. We will cover their usage in more detail later, but for now consider that Antes are typically not used in favor of a betting structure called Blinds.


Do not get blinded by the concept that blinds replace antes as they are two unique animals. Unlike an ante that forces all potential players to provide a minimum bet prior to the deal, blinds are only required by two players. This may seem a little unfair, but all players take turns in moving into a Position that will enable them to put money down for The Blinds. I say The Blinds as there are two positions called Blinds. The Small Blind and The Big Blind both of which are located to the left of the dealer position. The dealer position rotates around the table in a clockwise fashion and is called The Button.


So today before we can even talk about money, we must first learn about Positions! (Don’t worry we will get a chance to bet soon. You can Bet on it!)




Above you can see a table the Dealer Button is marked with a Yellow disk with the letter D in it. The small blind is forced to bet 5 and the Big Blind 10.


If we were to stretch the table of players out and put them in a police line up, the list below would represent our potential offenders in the first hand:


|Player 6 | Player 5 | Player 4 | Player 3 |Player 2 Big Blind | Player 1 Small Blind |Player 7 Dealer-Button |


If we repeated this for the second hand it would shift:

|Player 6 | Player 5 | Player 4 | Player 3 Big Blind |Player 2 Small Blind | Player 1 Dealer-Button |Player 7 |


The Third Hand:

|Player 6 | Player 5 | Player 4 Big Blind | Player 3 Small Blind |Player 2 Dealer-Button | Player 1 |Player 7 |


The Fourth Hand:

|Player 6 | Player 5 Big Blind | Player 4 Small Blind | Player 3 Dealer-Button |Player 2 | Player 1 |Player 7  |


The Fifth Hand:

|Player 6 Big Blind | Player 5 Small Blind | Player 4 Dealer-Button | Player 3 |Player 2 | Player 1 |Player 7 |


The Sixth Hand:

|Player 6 Small Blind | Player 5 Dealer-Button | Player 4 | Player 3 |Player 2 | Player 1 |Player 7 Big Blind |


The Seventh Hand:

|Player 6 Dealer-Button | Player 5 | Player 4 | Player 3 |Player 2 | Player 1 Big Blind |Player 7 Small Blind |


We will go into more details on how these blinds work tomorrow and start to take a look at other layers of betting throughout the rest of the hand over the next couple days. More